Admissions Policy

Registration Fee

  • Registration fee of INR 3,000 is  your seat reservation fee paid for a particular program.  This fee is non-refundable and will be adjusted against final fee payable by student.
  • Student has to pay full fee or first installment within 5 days of paying registration fee of INR 3,000. In case, a student is not able to do so, seat will get released and registration fee of INR 3,000 will get forfeited.

Fee Payment Schedule

Full fee for program needs to be paid within first 5 days when a student has registered with registration fee of INR 3,000. In case student wants to go for installment options, following schedule of installment will be followed.

First installment: Within 5 days of registration fee payment

Second installment: 30 days after first installment has been paid

Third installment: 60 days from first installment fee payment

In exceptional circumstances, a grace period of 15 days will be given to student. Failure to pay beyond 15 days will entail a late payment fee of Rs 1,000 per week.

Refund Policy before Program Start Date

  • Once student has paid full fee and and wants to withdraw his admission before program start date, student needs to write to with a valid reason.
  • In case Admissions Team approves withdrawal for any program, Admission fee of INR 5,000 alongwith applicable GST on fee paid will be deducted and remaining fee will be refunded irrespective of whether student has paid in full or installments.
  • Admission fee includes class participation license for students, access to INSAID Learning Center, access to starter kits, faculty, teaching & support staff booked for particular cohort

Refund Policy Post program Commencement

  • Once program has commenced and student finds that he or she is not able to proceed with the program and wants a refund, he/she needs to let us know within 30 days of program start date by writing to with a valid reason.
  • In case Academics Team approves such requests, Term 1 fee calculated on pro rate basis( That is 1 term divided by number of terms) plus applicable GST will be deducted from fee paid by student & remaining fee will be refunded.
  • Beyond 30 days, no refund request will be entertained under any circumstance even if the student has not been able to attend classes or wants to withdraw because of any unforeseen reason including medical emergency, job transfer, onsite opportunity, student not able to grasp the content, student not finding the timing convenient etc.
  • INSAID is committed to doing all possible options to help you continue with your course including shifting you to a different cohort, in a different timeslot or letting you repeat the program but a refund beyond 30 days will not be entertained.
  • Student can, however, opt for Deferral in such case. Please read Deferral policy below to know more.

Deferral Policy Post Program Commencement

  • If a student is facing severe issues in dedicating time to program, student can request for Program Deferral.
  • Student will be required to pay a Deferral fees of INR 3,000 along with difference in program fee between original batch student enrolled for and new batch in which student has taken a deferral to.
  • No refund of any type will be processed once a student has taken one batch deferral. For example, if a student enrolls in month of April for May batch and because of any reason, takes a deferral to July and then decides to not go ahead with the program in the month of May or beyond, no refund will be processed. The reason is that student took a deferral for his/her own convenience beyond the batch for which was originally enrolled for that’s why no refund will be processed if the student wants to back out after a deferral has been processed successfully.
  • Unless the student informs Academics Team of a deferral, student will be assumed to be continuing in the same cohort.
  • Deferral can only be requested during the batch for which the student has enrolled is ongoing. Once the batch has completed, deferral requests shall not be entertained and student will need to pay 1/4 of the program fee again. For clarification write to
  • 6 Month Deferral: If a student is facing extreme life circumstances, he can request for an exceptional type of Deferral called 6 month Deferral. This deferral will allow student to restart/continue with the program after 6 months giving sufficient time to student to overcome the personal circumstance or life crisis.
  • Downgrade: Once student has paid full/partial fee and wants to downgrade his admission, student needs to write to with a valid reason. This is applicable onetime only for GCDAI students upto one level (For eg: GCDAI to GCD)). 

Issuance of Certificate

  • Certificate will be issued only on the name of student who has actually enrolled in the program. It’ll not be issued to anyone else apart from the student under any circumstance.