INSAID | Admissions Policy 2020

Admissions Policy

Registration Fee

  • The registration fee of INR 3,000 is your seat reservation fee paid for a particular program.  This fee is non-refundable and will get adjusted against the final fee payable by the student.
  • Student will have to confirm his admission within 5 days of paying the registration fee. To confirm your registration, you can either pay the full fee or make a partial payment. 
  • In case, a student does not confirm his admission within 5 days, his/her seat will get released to another candidate and registration fee of INR 3,000 will get forfeited.

Installment Payment Schedule

In case a student wants to pay fee through the installment option, the following schedule of installments will be followed.

First installment: Within 5 days of registration fee payment

Second installment: 30 days after the first installment has been paid

Third installment: 60 days from first installment fee payment

In exceptional circumstances, a grace period of 15 days will be given to students to pay the fee. Failure to pay beyond 15 days will entail a late payment fee of Rs 1,000 per week.

Refund Policy 

One of the biggest USP of INSAID programs is the cooling-off period you get once you have enrolled for a program. This cooling-off period is for 10 days and starts from the day of payment of your full fee or first installment.  Below is the purpose of this cooling-off period

  • If you want to change your start batch or program, the cooling-off period allows you to do that free of cost. Please speak to Admissions Team regarding this.
  • Because of any reason, if you want to withdraw from the program, you can do so during this 10-day window. To withdraw from the program, please use Withdraw from the program option on the portal. Full fee will be refunded to you after deduction of administrative fee of INR 5,000 along with applicable GST on the fee paid. (Note: Administrative fee includes class participation license for students, access to INSAID Learning Center, access to starter kits, faculty, teaching & support staff reserved for particular cohort). 

After 10 days cooling-off period, no refund will be processed irrespective of whether your program has started or not. 

How to deal with issues before or during the program? : After 10 day cooling off window closes or anytime during the program, you might run into some issues like the ones below. 

  • Not able to attend classes due to medical reasons including suffering from illness
  • Not able to attend classes as traveling abroad in a different timezone
  • Not being able to grasp content due to unpreparedness for that cohort
  • Not able to dedicate time to program due to professional workload
  • Not being able to attend classes on weekends due to family commitments

To help you deal with these issues, you have an option to pause the program for a certain time and restart the program with another batch. This option is called “Batch Transfer” option

Rules for taking Batch transfer

  • Batch transfer taken within 30 days of program start or before program start will be free of cost. Free of cost batch transfer is applicable only once. And for any further batch transfer request, batch transfer fee of INR 3,000 is applicable.  
  • Batch transfer taken after 30 days of program start will have a Batch transfer fee of INR 3,000
  • Batch transfer is available only for ongoing batches. Once the batch has completed, Batch transfer requests shall not be entertained and students will need to pay 1/4 of the program fee to re-enroll. 
  • As a part of Batch transfer, a student accepts that she/he will have to undergo the course as per the new curriculum of the batch that s/he wishes to transfer to. In this regard, all your prior curriculum communications stand void and the institute shall be covering only basis of new curriculum.

Pause My Program

  • We strongly recommend completing the program at one go.
  • However we understand that at times it may be difficult to pursue the course in a single stretch. Hence, try to pause for a minimal duration to avoid forgetting topics learned so far.
  • A student is entitled to pause a maximum of 6 months overall, taking all pauses into account. Post this you will have to re-enroll as a fresh candidate. This ensures that the learning of student is continuous and avoids dragging forever issues.

Access to different Faculty Recordings

  • In general, we don’t encourage sharing access to a different faculty’s class recordings beyond what you’ve attended as we ensure that the program content remains entirely the same.

    However, in case you’d want to have them, you can request for class recordings of ONE particular term free of cost. Any further request after availing one free term recordings will be considered equivalent to batch transfer and a batch transfer fee of 3000 per term will be applicable.  

Student Loan Facility

  • For any issues with loan/credit facility availed by students from third-party providers like EarlySalary, Zest Money, etc. the third-party loan provider or student should directly reach out to each other for resolution of any dispute. INSAID has no control either over the student or the third party which has provided the loan to the student.

Issuance of Certificate

  • Certificates will be issued only on the name of a student who has actually enrolled in the program. It’ll not be issued to anyone else apart from the student under any circumstance.

Class Timings

  • Classes commence on weekends on two available slots 8:00 – 10 AM & 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. The term timings could be either of the two slots available and will be communicated to you before the start of every term. 

Faculty Allocation

  • All the faculties at INSAID are highly experienced in the Data Science industry and have mastered their domains. Different faculties get assigned for different terms and the details will be communicated to you before the start of every term. 
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