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Global Data Science & AI Leadership Driven Program

11 Months | 11 Terms | 18 Real-World Projects

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Program Highlights

Why this program?


Apply Data Science & Machine Learning to solve real world business problems


11 Months | 11 Terms | 1 month per term

Term 1: Data Analysis with Python
Term 2: Data Visualization & EDA
Term 3: Machine Learning Foundation
Term 4: Machine Learning Intermediate
Machine Learning Intermediate takes you deeper into Machine Learning through Supervised and Unsupervised algorithms.
Term 5: Machine Learning Advanced
In this term you learn advanced Machine Learning techniques like building recommendation engines, anomaly detection, ensemble learning, etc.
Term 6: Capstone Project (Data Science)
Capstone Project is a one-month Faculty-led project on which students implement all that they learnt in previous terms through an end-to-end project. We wrap up Capstone Project with INSAID Career Day which helps you prepare for Interviews, screening tests to enter Data Science roles.
Term 7: Basics of AI, TensorFlow, and Keras
In this term, you will become familiar with the very basics of Tensorflow & Keras, the most popular platforms used in the world of AI
Term 8: Deep Learning Foundation
In this term, you will master various Deep Learning techniques and will be introduced to the world of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.
Term 9: Computer Vision - I
In this term, you will learn the very basics of Computer Vision and how to use CNN in Computer Vision.
Term 10: Natural Language Processing - I
In this term, you will get your hand’s dirty mastering NLP Basics & how to use Keras for NLP.
Term 11: Specialization: Computer Vision - II
This is a specialization term in which you will be working with advanced Computer Vision techniques like Transfer Learning, Object Detection, and GANs, which will help you build real-world products.
Term 11: Specialization: Natural Language Processing - II
This is a specialization term in which you will be working with advanced NLP concepts like Text Generation, Language Translation, Attention Mechanism, and will build a real-world NLP product.
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Program Snapshot

Next Batch Start Date: 13 Dec 2020

Duration: 11 months

Mode: Online Live Faculty led

Format: Weekend

Program Fee

INR 3 lakhs+GST

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