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PGP in
Data Science & AI (With Fellowship)

Master Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI in 12 + 3 months with India's #1 Data Science+AI Fellow program

Duration: 12 + 3 months | Live Instructor led | Weekend Online Classes

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      Active learners

      12 + 3 Month Program

      Prep Time: 6-10 hrs/week

      70% Scholarship

      on Program Fee

      13 Feb 2022

      Start Date

      Demand for Data Analytics Professionals across industries will continue to increase until 2025*

      *According to World Economic Forum Report

      Program Overview

      Join one program that checks all your requirements.

      Structured Learning

      Comprehensive curriculum covers live online classes including assignments, projects & specializations.

      Career Assistance

      Data science career launchpad gives you access to resume & GitHub builder. Participate in Mock interviews & get ahead in career.

      Mentor Driven Program

      Personalized learning experience with Data Science Mentors who’ll help you master top skills.

      Professionals from hundreds of top companies trust INSAID’s programs to master the required skills. Here are a few of them

      Program Syllabus (PGPDSAI With Fellowship)

      Learn all the latest skills through one program.

      • Data Science Fundamentals

      • Data Operation with Numpy

      • Data Manipulation with Pandas

      • Introduction to Data Visualization

      • Data Visualization using Matplotlib

      • Hands-on Pandas for Rapid Visualization

      • Seaborn for Data Visualization

      • Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis

      • EDA Framework Deep Dive

      • Scientific Exploration of Industry Data (Case Study)

      • Student Presentations & Insight Delivery

      • In a simulated environment get to work with a major Telecom company that seeks help from your team of Data Scientists to resolve a major marketing hurdle in front of them. Get a near real world exposure of working on industry problems within data science teams to reach a common end goal of helping customers win.

      • Introduction to Machine Learning

      • Linear Regression

      • Logistic Regression

      • Model Evaluation Techniques

      • Decision Trees

      • Random Forests

      • Dimentionality Reduction using PCA

      • Naive Bayes Classifier

      • KNN (K-Nearest neighbors)

      • K-means Clustering

      • Ensemble Learning

      • Optimization

      • Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau

      • Exploring Tableau Interface

      • Tableau Calculations & Dashboard

      • Mapping using Tableau & Tableau Analytics

      • Introduction to Programming in R

      • Data Manipulation with dplyr

      • Data Visualization using ggplot & esquisse

      • Exploratory Data Analytics I & II

      • Experience a real world simulation of a company problem that needs to be solved using Data Science and Machine Learning. Work with a team of Data Scientists who are working towards solving issues for a company in trouble.

      • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

      • Applications of Artificial Intelligence

      • Introduction to TensorFlow and Keras

      • Math behind AI: Simplified

      • Introduction to Deep Learning

      • Activation Function and Learning Rate

      • Role of Optimizers in Deep Learning Models

      • Deep Learning Model Practicals

      • Intro to Convolution Neural Networks

      • Decoding Image Components

      • Identifying MNIST using CNN

      • Preprocessing Image Data to apply CNN

      • Introduction to NLP & Word Vectors

      • Decoding a Textual Data

      • NLP using Recurrent Neutral Networks (RNN)

      • NLP using Memory Alterations

      • In this ever evolving world, solving complex problems get easier using AI.In this capstone project you will be an AI expert who is helping a hypothetical company resolve some major challenges it faces by using AI. Get a chance to work with a team of AI specialists and a simulated environment to help you relate to real world challenges companies face regularly.

      • Transfer Learning

      • Object Detection using CNN based Algorithms - I

      • Object Detection using CNN based Algorithms - II

      • Teaching Machines to Mimic Real-World (Generative Models)

      • Teach Machines to Generate New Textual Data (Language Modeling)

      • Keras Functional API and Intro to Sequence to Sequence Model

      • Language Translation - English to Spanish using Seq2Seq Models

      • Building a Chatbot

      • Techniques to Enhance Seq2Seq Models (Attention Mechanism)

      • NLP using CNN

      • Advanced NLP using BERT

      • Instance Segmentation in Images

      • Introduction to Automated Vision and NLP Solutions

      • Building Blocks of AutoVision

      • Building Blocks of AutoNLP

      • Putting AutoVision and AutoNLP to Use

      • Experience a real world simulation of a company problem that needs to be solved using Artificial Intelligence. Work with a team of Data Scientists who are working towards solving issues for a company.
        Use techniques learned such as,
        1. Ingestion of Data
        2. Pre-processing
        3. Model Building on the cloud
        4. Model Tuning and Evaluation
        5. Building an entire application to combine all the previous steps
        6. Deploying the model to a GCP server

      Tools covered


      Work on as many as you’d want & build a great project portfolio


      Learn from the INDIA’s leading Data Science Professionals through live classes
      Most reviewed 5/5

      Placement Assistance

      One Dashboard for everything. Build a great profile through
      Data Science Career Launchpad


      Interview Guides

      Hiring Partners

      Career Sessions

      1:1 Interviews

      Job Analysis


      Resume & GitHub

      “I come from a statistics background with no exposure to coding. I was fortunate enough to come across INSAID which provided the right pace and right guidance.”
      Jigna Thacker

      Group Director Analytics, Kantar

      Job Guarantee | Add-on Service*

      We’re rooting for your success with career transition
      How job guarantee works?
      • Project Portfolio & Certification
      • Mock Interviews
      • 6 month Profile Prep
      Who should Opt?
      • Working Professionals
      • Freshers
      • Professioanls on a career break

      Basic Eligibility criteria: Minimum education qualification: Undergraduate degree. Applicable for Indian Citizens looking for jobs in India

      Job guarantee is a revolutionary program that assures you a job within 6 months of you passing the PGP certification exam. To be eligible for Job guarantee, you will

      1. Successfully complete PGP certification exam(70% passing requirement) & submit all Term quizzes, Term projects & Capstone projects with 70% score without any plagiarism.
      2. Build a “Job Briefcase”. We will help you build this Job Briefcase which will contain projects recommended by your career coach, articles originally authored by you, your resume etc. Continuous feedback will be provided to improve the strength of your Job Briefcase and tightly align it with identified Target roles. For example, you will iterate your resume 5 times with at least 20% improvement in each iteration. Your Job Briefcase will be given a continuous rating to make it better. Only when your Job Briefcase score becomes 4 on 5, you will be eligible for Job guarantee.

      Once you meet the above conditions, your Job Guarantee program will start.

      During the job guarantee program,

      1. Depending on your aspirations, years of experience, chances of transition, and overall profile, your career coach will prepare a career map and a “Target role” for you. You should apply to at least 10 openings per week in your Target role during 6 month job guarantee period. If you are on a career break or fresher, you will need to apply to at least 10 Target internships/week during a 6 month period.
      2. You will appear for 5 Mock Interviews for your target role. Feedback will be shared with you after each Mock interview. To be eligible for a job guarantee, you will need to score an average of 3 on 5 in these interviews. Interview score will be computed based on your communication skills, technical knowledge and ability to answer questions.

      If you meet Job guarantee Basic Pledge and don’t get a job/internship offer during the 6 month Job guarantee period, Job guarantee add-on service fee of INR 30,000(if paid) will be fully refunded.

      If you don’t meet four points mentioned in Job Guarantee Basic Pledge, you will not be eligible for any refund. However, you will continue receiving career support from INSAID.

      *How much does it cost?

      INR 30,000 (incl. of GST)

      Note: This is an add-on service and the fee is excluded in program fee.

      Program Certification

      Get globally certified in Data Science & AI. One certificate for Lifetime.
      • Internationally Accepted
      • Lifetime Validity
      • Program Completion Certificate
      • Certification of Merit

      INSAID Advantage

      Every program comes with Live Classes, Assignments & Projects to practice. Get your doubts clarified 24/7 with dedicated teaching assistants.

      Zero Prerequisites

      There are no prerequisites. Both Programmers & Non Programmers can enrol in the program.

      Hands-On Practice

      Thorough weekly assignments & projects, we ensure that you're well versed with topics as well as implementation.


      Take the absolute advantage by connecting with a network of Data Science Global Leaders through INSAID.

      Program Fee

      INR 5,70,000

      + GST (scholarship available)


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