• INSAID’s mission it to democratize Data Science & AI education and the referral policy at INSAID is designed to encourage INSAID students be proponents of INSAID’s mission and spread it in their immediate networks
  • Any incoming, current or past students of INSAID are applicable for Referral policy benefits.
  • If the student being referred joins one of programs, the referring student gets a Referral bonus as per Referral Bonus Policy below.
Data Science ProgramsReferral Bonus
Certificate in Data Science Foundation₹ 3,000
Global Certificate in Data Science₹ 6,000
Global Certificate in Data Science & AI₹ 8,000
PGP in Data Science & AI₹ 10,000
Product Management ProgramsReferral Bonus
Certificate in Product Management Foundation₹ 3,000
Global Certificate in Product Management₹ 5,000
PGP in Product Management₹ 8,000
  • The refund for the enrolled student can be initiated in two ways:
    • Deduction of the amount in the second or third installment.
    • Direct refund of the amount in case of full payment.
  • The referred student must enroll within 7 – 10 days of being referred.
  • The referral will not be processed if we have an earlier inquiry or application from the referred student (for any intake or program) and someone in the team is already in touch with the lead. However, if no one is in touch with the lead, then the referral team gets the credit and referral bonus is also released to the referring candidate.
  • The student will be rewarded with cashback in his/her account or a gift card voucher of the same amount (either of it).
  • The referral bonus is applicable where the referred candidate enrolls for that specific program. For e.g. The referred candidate joins GCD program, then he/she is eligible for the GCD referral.
  • The referral bonus will be processed 30 days after the commencement of the program.
  • No referral will be there in case the referred students drops his admission pre or post-commencement of course.
  • All correspondence in this regard should be made only by email at admissions@insaid.co.